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Become free from Dentophobia


the fear of Needles, Aichmophobia

At The Manor Hypnotherapy Consultancy.

Hypnotherapy can remove “The fear of The Dentist”! People vary in what they fear at the dentist. For some it is the reclining position coupled with not being in control. Others dread the sound of the drill, or the smell associated with being at the dentist. Sometimes it is the fear of the needle going into the gum or the fear of pain, or that something might go wrong.

Often the fear has been generated through past events. Sometimes there are more deep seated reasons for the fear. You may not know or be aware of the real cause of your Dental Phobia but your Deep Inner Mind does know and is producing the anxiety in an attempt to look after you and keep you out of the dental situation. If this is the case then your Deep Inner Mind is looking after you in a negative way.

Through the power of your mind and Hypnotherapy your mind can change to help you put past events into perspective and to look after you in a positive way, enabling you to feel calm and relaxed. Why is it important to feel calm and relaxed? Firstly it is good for you of course but just as, if not more important, is the fact that your dentist can work more easily and often more quickly when you are relaxed!

No fear!


You gain freedom of the fear and anxiety that just the thought of going to the dentist can produce. Because you feel calmer and more at ease when at the dentist you are likely to visit your dentist more regularly, thus ensuring that your teeth and gums are properly looked after and healthy.


You may well only need one session to be free of this fear. I offer a free Assessment Session before we commit ourselves to work together to free you from your Dentophobia or Aichmophobia. This allows you to ask all the questions you wish and to read comments from some of the hundreds of past clients I have seen. Only then do you decide to go ahead. Each session lasts about an hour. You would only commit yourself to one session but if other issues came up that you wanted to deal with, you would then choose whether or not to have any more therapy.

Your success by the end of your therapy is supported by a lifetime guarantee of free Dental therapy if you had a return of your previous fear. How can I do this? Simply because there has never been a requirement for further therapy for the same problem. I have been seeing clients for these problems for over 25 years now. Maybe I can help you? You can book your free Initial Session on this site now if you wish.


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