Updated: Jun 27

A Deep Inner Mind Approach For Panic And Anxiety Attacks

with Chris Russell at The Manor Hypnotherapy Consultancy

Pains in the chest and shortness of breath are quite common with panic disorders and are obviously quite distressing as the symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath naturally lead us to more worrying conclusions. There are lots of reasons why these attacks might occur. Research ( ) has revealed that difficult scenarios, or stressful life circumstances, can increase levels of stress and bring on panic and anxiety attacks. Nonetheless, it may also happen without reason at all, and unexpectedly. All of us have a natural fight or flight response that activates the release of adrenaline when we find ourselves in scenarios where we sense danger and feel the need protect ourselves.

Stressful Life

Living with panic attacks can cause further problems, it may cause worry and anxiety attacks. As you don’t know where or when an anxiety attack may occur, people then begin to restrict where they go because they wish to avoid putting themselves in circumstances they fear may bring on an attack; a lot of people even confine themselves to their homes.

Anxiety attacks can thereby reduce confidence, create further anxious feelings, potentially leading to depression setting in due to this persistent worrying. An anxiety attack itself can be quite frightening to anyone experiencing it and upsetting for other people around them as well. 1 in 10 of us will undergo anxiety and panic attacks in our lifetime. Having a panic attack on a regular basis naturally increases your belief that you will have another one soon, causing constant feelings of fear.

In quite a few cases, a clinician can prescribe drugs to combat panic and stress, but without the right form of treatment it is unlikely that conventional medication can completely alleviate the underlying problems associated with panic attacks. Therapies, such as hypnosis for panic disorder and anxiety, can assist the subconscious mind to make behavioural changes that reduce the effect of panic disorder or, in some cases, eliminate them completely.

Chris Russell, a specialist hypnotherapist and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society for Medicine working in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants, said hypnosis uses specialist techniques to teach the person new approaches to relax, identify and remove triggers that may cause anxiousness, resolve problems which cause panic or worry, and aim to remove further panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy delivers good results for those who encounter panic and anxiety attacks and have found no solution in the medical world. It combines hypnosis with cognitive behavioural therapy to create calm and tranquillity within the mind, relieving stress and panic and allowing you to live a life without constant worry and frustration. By changing behaviours within the Deep Inner Mind, it really is possible to achieve almost anything.

Deep Inner Mind Therapy is a very successful treatment that supports clients in making alterations to adverse habitual behaviours. It is an effective treatment for many psychological and physiological issues like IBS, anxiety, depression, psoriasis, elevated blood pressure, problem behaviours as well as the run of the mill things like weight control and cigarettes.


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