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Updated: Mar 31

Corona Virus is producing challenging times where we are told to self-isolate or at least to stay at home and not mix with others in pubs, clubs, or any other “meeting places”; many of us are prone to being stressed, upset, anxious, angry, confused or uncertain how we should respond for ourselves or loved ones.

Deep Inner Mind therapy can hugely calm us down and help us to be more at ease even while these unsettling times are with us. I have made a few changes to how I work to ensure that you get the support you need. This is reflected in some new packages:

- Freedom from Corona Virus Anxiety

- Seniors Discount - 50% Off All Packages

- NHS Staff Special Discount - £40 for 1 hours session.

To keep us all safe, I am not conducting face to face sessions, however, I am using digital communications to provide online video therapy in order to enable virtual face to face sessions. This is nothing new and I have helped friends and family by using these methods, both in the UK and abroad.

Online therapy is effective and above all safe.

Setting up online therapy is not difficult but there are certain things which you will need; a good WiFi or Phone Signal, Access to a Computer with a Camera or a Smart Phone and the ability to download applications such as Skype or Zoom so that we can see each other. I am able to talk you through this set up process and test the connection before therapy takes place. I do not charge for setting this up or for testing it.

Please stay safe in these stressful times and follow Governmental Guidelines to minimise the risk of Corona Virus infection to you and others.


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