LOVE and the Phoenix

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This symbol represents the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes, and applying that to therapy it represents rising above all the old negative elements of life into a happier and more positive life. I use the acronym LOVE as my guide to helping achieve the best possible results for you. It means:

Each element combined to make you whole once more.

LISTEN to what your client is telling you or asking you and take notes as appropriate. As they talk you may begin to consider the outline framework that you might use with your client. Resist making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

OBSERVE your client’s body language as they talk about their problem(s) or issues. Remember that there is only one important person in your consulting room and that is your client, so focus upon your client!!

VERIFY with your client that you really do understand the changes they are looking for. Be honest about how you believe you may help the client. If you claim that you can help your client but in reality you are uncertain, tell the client of your uncertainties. This is very important because your client’s Deep Inner Mind will pick up on these things and recognise any insincerities in your behaviour and mind.

ENHANCE the depth and quality of your therapy by checking with the client how they feel about the changes being made. Most importantly, check with the client’s Deep Inner Mind if it has more powerful changes it could make to support what you are doing!

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