Updated: Mar 22

I am becoming increasingly worried that, that so many people who come to me who have

Chris Russell Master Hypnotherapist

been told by a hypnotherapist or sometimes two or three, that they simply cannot be hypnotised!

This is simply not true because I know that everyone can be hypnotised, yes everyone can be hypnotised!! You just need to use a highly skilled and qualified professional practitioner preferably one who has significant experience in the science of the human mind and how to help others achieve an effective level of hypnosis.

Our Deep Inner Minds may not see things in the same way as our conscious minds do but they are not stupid.

I wonder if in the above example the Deep Inner Mind feels that the hypnotherapist is not really ready to deal with the clients problem. Perhaps, it is even that, the subconscious believes that the therapist is only interested in the money and not the client. Not nice to suggest but over the years as a professional practitioner I have come across quite a few people who like the thought and prestige of being a hypnotherapist but don't have the experience required to successfully meet their clients needs. This is not right and needs to stop, clients in my world always come first.

The result of the above is also that hypnotherapy is brought into disrepute and its effectiveness is less well understood. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown and been published in the New Scientist for instance ( that the best way to cease smoking is to use hypnotherapy as a tool - this is why I love my work, creating positive change to peoples lives that translate to success in their desired outcome be it quitting smoking or achieving self confidence goals or indeed any problem of the mind.

I always say to my clients that although I know from experience that the client’s Deep Inner Mind* can make the changes that the client desires, I am not God and cannot guarantee that the client’s mind will make the changes. What I offer is the best of my ability to enable my clients Deep Inner Mind to want to make the change. If I am unsure if I can hslp for any reason then I tell my client!!

I intend to release a series of blogs on the subject of Hypnotherapy in order to highlight what I believe to be best practice, tips for success and above all else ensuring clients receive the best therapy possible.

* Deep Inner Mind therapy is the form of hypnotherapy I devised over 30 years ago and which I have been updating ever since to increase my efficiency and success - if you want to know more please get in touch.

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